Solar System


Promoter (live)

Casual Salad (live)

A Tripp

Abelson Live

August 27th

1-7 PM

Highland Park

Ridgewood Queens

I know y’all have been asking… we’re now ready to announce the second installment of SOLAR SYSTEM this Sunday, August 27th in Highland Park, Queens!

At the heart of SOLAR SYSTEM is a one-of-a-kind hi-fi system operating entirely off the grid. Powered by batteries charged with solar energy and buttressed by on-site panels, SOLAR SYSTEM rises and falls with the sun, offering a glimpse of a smaller, more sustainable musical future.

On deck for our second outing are two special live sets: Promoter crafts engulfing sonic atmospheres which call to mind the heyday of 90s dub techno. They recently released Cogitate on Patience Impatience and frequently grace the label’s show on Lot Radio as the enigmatic "Image Man," weaving in rare gems from their time working at A1 Records.

Casual Salad is the moniker of experimental musician, sound artist and earplug activist Chirag Davé. Her live performances walk the fine line between order and chaos, weaving modular synths, voice, guitar, and field recordings together into soundscapes which reference free jazz, improvisation, mindful listening, noise, and drone music.

Rounding out the afternoon will be DJ sets from SOLAR SYSTEM's resident hosts, audio engineers, and solar technicians: A Tripp and Abelson Live (aka Solar Soundsystem).

We encourage you to bring blankets or chairs for comfortable seating and your preferred food or drink. While the event is free, we kindly accept donations that will support our guest performers and/or contributions to Ridgewood Tenants Union, East Brooklyn Mutual Aid, or NYC H20. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!